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, herndon elementary school has not been touched. the effort to dig out, the first-line of defense starts with people like jeff. >> plowing the snow, trying to make it easier to get around. >> this snowplow driver knows that taming the roads is a challenge. >> areas ice underneath the snow. >> he suspects he will be behind the wheel again this winter. >> i don't think it is over yet. i think we will get more. islocale treacherous it outside even at a busy area like tysons, a fairly well traveled road, old courthouse road, covered in snow. underneath that, there is ice. his parking lot is an absolute sheet of ice, something for people to be mindful of in the morning commute tuesday. live in tysons, jay korff, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much, jay. as the weather situation changes, count on us to keep you updated for the rightist -- latest road conditions, school closings. we are starting early tomorrow at 4 a.m. labor trying to leave her house for the hospital. what happened next is terrifying. her story coming up. inif you have to get around d.c. tomorrow, if you are driving or taking met
defense, tells us tonight competent and compassionate. he blames the firefighter you are about to meet and listen to with a widespread cultural fear, starting at the very top of the fire department as to what really is to blame. report, the city points a critical finger at five d.c. firefighters who never responded to cries for help. >> he's not breathing. >> i have a person. he 75. >> not breathing, not conscious. multiple sources say that firefighter number one, a key figure in the report, is garrett murphy. younges with his wife and child in south-central pennsylvania, in the shadow of the three mile island nuclear power plant. he commutes two hours to washington. the door andck on quick conversation on the phone, murphy declined to comment. neighbors hesitant to speak publicly told off were deeply tall rolled -- deeply troubled by the tragedy of. but robert alvarado is speaking up. >> outstanding employee, great kid to be around. >> alvarado believes what happened at engine 26 says more about a department in disarray than the inaction of a few firefighters. people that are the brav
in recently to help protect affect russians to face persecution. >> they were self-defense teams. it will be completely legitimate. and correspond to international law. >> the obama administration says no threat exists. >> it is not appropriate to invade a country and at the end of a barrel of the gun dictate what you are trying to achieve. injohn kerry was in tf -- a package that will help the ukrainian economy. he said sanctions against russia will backfire and while he does not want to start a fight, moscow reserves the right to protect russians in that country. >> on the diplomatic front, secretary kerry is slated to meet with his russian counterpart wednesday. officials are scheduled to meet with nato officials in brussels. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> dramatic moments outside of the wilson building where a car jumped the curb, hit a light post and then came to a rest at the foot of the steps. it was hours before that scene was clear. the driver was not injured. united airlines announced a crack down. a man lays out plans for a murder for hire. little does he know the man on th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3